About Me

My name is Crystal...and I'm a working girl and devoted wife to one awfully cute police officer. I live in the frozen tundra of Northern Canada (I'm only half kidding about the tundra thing...) with a flurry of furry fiends and a husband who occasionally ventures into the kitchen when I'm baking -- although he is mostly banned to the outer part of the island where he won't get in the way of the madness. 

I discovered baking early on when we finally got the Food Network and I decided that I wanted to be Martha Stewart. Well, that didn't turn out quite as planned, but I never lost my desire to use my creativity to create the kind of cakes that make people smile. With continued practice and many willing guinea pigs (mostly those in uniform) I've been able to churn out some decent results, all the while looking forward to the projects that lay ahead.

In real life, I'm a full-time administrative assistant and a wife. I'm also "Mama" to my shelter mutt, Quincy, and three kitties, Raleigh, Delaney and Niko (alias "Koko") I will sit through mostly any sporting event (the level of my enthusiasm/attention varies greatly by sport) and have been known the "shush" my own husband while Grey's Anatomy is on. I've got a slight aversion to germs and like to relax by disinfecting things. I hate butterflies and will avoid them at all possible costs. I own a LOT of shoes and have an unhealthy, dependent relationship with my laptop. Sometimes I run on the treadmill, sometimes I watch t.v. with an entire bag of popcorn to myself. I acknowledge that life varies greatly from day to day, but am happy with simplicity and a glass of ice tea on my deck in the summer.

And, of course, I like the creativity that baking allows and look forward to filling this blog with all sorts of pretty, yummy goodies!